Can Thiruneeru(Vibhuthi) act as Sanitizer?

There is no scientific research on this. However, I think it can act as sanitizer. Thiruneeru consits of about 75% non soluble oxides such as silica (sand) and other metal oxides. Interestingly, it also consists of over 13% water reacting oxides such as Calcium Oxide (aka quicklime). When you apply Thiruneeru on body surfaces, it reacts with water and removes water from skin and surrounding. When quicklime absorbs water, it raises temperature, raises alkalinity (Ph) and also it results Calcium hydroxide. These will kill some percentage of germs.

Calcium hydroxide is used as germicide and insecticide in meat industries. These properties can act as Sanitizer. Further Osmosis can happen as well, that continue to remove water from body surfaces and surroundings.

Once water is removed from body surfaces, there is no way any micro organism can live longer. In adition, water from microorganisms will also be removed resulting fatality to microorganism. Until research has been done, we can not declare Thiruneeru is Sanitizer. But every one knows that it can remove the water from body skin and microbial surfaces, let us keep continuing our ancestor habits.


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